• Igor Eterović Department of Social Sciences and Medical Humanities, University of Rijeka - School of Medicine


It is with great satisfaction to present the 15th number of Jahr – European Journal of
Bioethics. There is almost a pattern of having a more miscellaneous first issue every
year, without special sections. It is the same again this year. The only section we
always try to promote as a particular encouragement for our youngest colleagues is
the one devoted to making space for student contributions. This time two papers
are co-written with students, thus even not formally structured as a section, student
work is taking place again in our journal.
In the current issue you can read about the highly important medical‑law topic
at the level of the European Union concerning the Patient’s Right Directive, an
affirmative answer to the question if palliative care needs distinct ethical guidelines,
a new discussion about human dignity and the right to live, the importance of the
assessment of quality of life in glaucoma patients, and some introductory words about
holistic environmentalism. These topics are brought through one original scientific
article, two preliminary communications, one review scientific article and one essay.
Several book reviews as well as two scientific meeting reviews are also a part of this
issue, but we also bring information about The Annual Fritz Jahr International
Award for Research and Promotion of European Bioethics, which this year went to
Jose Roberto Goldim. Feel free to pass on the information about the Award.
I would like to thank the members of the Editorial Board, peer‑reviewers and all
other associates included in the creation of this issue. I owe special thanks to our
Language Editors for the extraordinary help given to me again.
Enjoy reading Jahr!