Tangente narcizma i psihoze u kontekstu aktualne ekološke krize


  • Luka Janeš Sveučilišni centar za integrativnu bioetiku, Sveučilište u Zagrebu



In this paper, the issues of narcissistic acting will be approached through an evaluation on sociological, political and psychiatric-psychological axis of consideration. The ethiological, symptomatological and preventional spectrum of the narcissistic personality disorder, present in the DSM diagnostic manual and within the framework of the current epoch marked by "narcissistic culture", will be linked to the spectrum of psychotic disorders, by directing arguments to the concept of disclocation of the self and the halucinatory interpretation of one's own subjective position to the relation with the mereological holistic constellation of the objectivity. The given couple will pragmatically be pointed to the problems of the current ecological crisis, with the thesis that the narcissistic and psychotic disorders are nihilating the integrativeness and pluriperspectivity of the perceptual grasping of a cosmic equilibrium, which in pragmaticak perspective potentiate a development and the permanence of a moral nihilism towards the approach of bioethical diversity and the value of life per se, and as a product derives a destruction of the environment on the various levels.

The thesis is summarized in the stance that the general approach to the narcissism issues is insufficiently articulated, defined and systematized, above all in relation to life threatening on various dimensions, focusing on psychiatric, psychoanalytic and socio-philosophical thought and scope, and that etiological and the diagnostic reach of narcissistic personality disorder, derived from the psychiatric diagnostic manual DSM 5, is largely scant and imprecise, and requires a fundamental methodological re-evaluation, for the purpose of which adequate orientation is offered by discipline of integrative bioethics.

Keywords: narcissism, psychosis, environment, image, self, integrativity, life, integrative bioethics