The Corona Crisis

Attempt at a Philosophical Orientation


  • Marcus Knaup FernUniversität in Hagen


Since spring 2020 at the latest many things are not as they used to be before – things are literally “de-ranged”. The news are mostly dominated by one topic: a virus which is officially called SARS-CoV-2.1 The here presented contribution views the Corona crisis from an ethicalphilosophical perspective. At first, different challenges and dynamics of this crisis will be discussed. Insofar as political decision-making for coping with the crisis happens frequently by referring to “the” sciences, light is shed on the tasks of the sciences in our modern knowledge society. The contribution is going to argue in favour of a variety of perspectives, which we need in order to handle the crisis appropriately. In this context, light is shed on explicit and implicit basic social attitudes such as the attitude towards death as well as on the increasing medicalisation of life. Finally, the question about prospects which might be promising for the future is going to be raised.
Keywords: Corona Crisis, Expertocracy, Value of Health, Medicalization of Life and Death.






Pandemic and responsibility