• New journal website


    Dear collaborates and friends,

    We are happy to announce that we have upgraded our website and publishing system. Therefore, future issuses of Jahr - European Journal of Bioethics will be published on our new journal website.

    Starting from January 1st 2024, we kindly ask you to send your submissions through the following link on the new website:

    For submissions received before January 1st 2024, that are currently in review or production process, authors will be contacted by our editors for further instructions.

    For any additional questions, please contact our Editorial Board at

    Thank you for your understanding. We are looking forward to your future contributions.

    With respect and kind regards,

    Jahr Editorial Team.

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  • Evaluation of Immanuel Kant’s (1724-1804) philosophy


    Dear collaborates and friends,

    It is our distinct pleasure to inform you that the Croatian Philosophical Society and its associates are conducting a research coordination of the focused evaluation of Immanuel Kant’s (1724-1804) philosophy in order to commemorate the grand anniversary of the famous philosopher’s birth. With this in mind, we wish to especially encourage you to contribute to this coverage of topics related to Kant’s philosophical and scientific opus and to write and submit completed papers that will be prioritized in the appropriate special thematic blocks among the following magazines: Filozofska istraživanja, Synthesis Philosophica, Jahr – European Journal of Bioethics, Metodički ogledi and AMHA – Acta medico‑historica Adriatica in 2024.

    Furthermore, we especially encourage you to submit papers that deal with Immanuel Kant’s place and role in the context of bioethics. For instance:
    - Kant’s epistemology as the base for the methodology in bioethics,
    - the significance of Kant’s ethics in the development and history of medical ethics, clinical ethics, and bioethics,
    - the core values of Kant’s philosophy and their place in modern bioethics,
    - the evaluation of Kant’s ethics, political philosophy, and the philosophy of law for specific bioethical issues,
    - Kant’s aesthetic as the base for environmental bioethics.

    It is an honor to build a scientific community together.


    Thank you for all your support and contribution,

    With respect and kind regards,

    Editorial Team

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    Dear Colleagues,

    We are happy to announce a new collaboration between Artificial Intelligence Humanities (AIH) and Jahr European Journal of Bioethics. Recently, AIH has joined Jahr as one of the publishers. Jahr is an open access, peer-reviewed journal mainly covering the field of bioethics, founded in 2010 in Croatia. It is an international academic journal indexed in SCOPUS, HRCAK, ERIH PLUS, and DOAJ.

    Jahr’s purpose is to promote European bioethics, which is far different from mainstream bioethics. Whereas the term ‘bioethics’ usually refers to a relatively recently developed field of medical ethics, European bioethics is intended to be a more general, integrative approach to ethics. Its essential aim is bridging different fields of ethics, including environmental ethics, global ethics, etc.

    This new and unique approach makes Jahr’s orientation both international and interdisciplinary. Though the title is the European Journal of Bioethics, its scope has never been limited to Europe and always invites valuable contributions from all around the world. It also strongly encourages interdisciplinary approaches across literally all fields of academia, including social sciences (sociology, psychology, law, political science, information and communication sciences, pedagogy, demography, social activities, security and defense sciences, economics), humanities (philosophy, philology, history, art history, archaeology, anthropology, religious sciences), and biomedical (medicine, public health, pharmacology).

    Jahr always attempts to broaden its scope to incorporate varieties of interdisciplinary studies, and this direction perfectly accords with the integrative research project of AIH. AIH's aim is to pursue integrated humanities that understand natural sciences, engineering, and social sciences. It deals with artificial intelligence technology, changes in humans and society, and humanities data. Through this promising collaboration, we expect AIH will have a good opportunity to promote AI humanities internationally, and Jahr will be able to extend its range of research topics.

    Jahr publishes both reviewed and unreviewed articles. Reviewed papers are categorized as following: original scientific articles, preliminary communications, review articles, professional articles. Unreviewed articles may include overviews of bioethics and AI research. Authors may submit other relevant publications published in the past three years in and outside Croatia, as well as reports and announcements of upcoming events relevant to bioethics. The publication process remains open all year long to everyone, and there are no fees for submitting papers for publication. Since Jahr has Student’s contribution section, not only researchers but also students can submit their papers.

    We invite all colleagues who are interested in a new direction of interdisciplinary studies toward bioethics and AI humanities. Every original research from every field of study is always welcome.


    With sincere appreciation and respect,

    Kyumin Moon, Advisory Board Member




    Jahr – European Journal of Bioethics announces a call for submission of papers, open all year long.

    Jahr deals with a wide range of bioethical topics. The aim of the Editorial Board is to publish papers related to bioethics in social sciences (sociology, psychology, law, political science, information and communication sciences, pedagogy, education and rehabilitation sciences, speech-language pathology, kinesiology, demography, social activities, security and defence sciences, economics), humanities (philosophy, theology, philology, history, art history, archaeology, ethnology and anthropology, religious sciences), biomedicine (medicine, public health, veterinary medicine, dentistry and pharmacology) and papers related to bioethics and Artificial inteligence.

    The journal is published twice a year, by the University of Rijeka, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Social Sciences and Medical Humanities, Croatia and University of Rijeka, “Fritz Jahr” Documentation and Research Centre for European Bioethics, Croatia. The first issue of each volume is published by the end of June, and the second by the end of December. By consenting to publish their paper in Jahr, the authors give the journal the right of first publication in both, printed and electronic format. Authors can republish their works in other publications, provided they cite the data regarding paper’s first publication in Jahr.

    We accept paper submissions all year long. Submitted papers undergo a double-blind peer review process. In case reviewers’ decisions conflict, the paper is reviewed by the third reviewer. The final decision on the publication of papers is made by Editorial Board. Submissions should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. There are no charges for the submission and/or publication of papers in Jahr.

    Papers which are positively evaluated can be classified according to the following categorization:

    - Original Scientific Articles

    - Preliminary Communications

    - Review Articles

    - Professional Articles

    The Journal also publishes book reviews (extending to publication not older than three years), reports and announcements of upcoming bioethics events (public lectures, book promotions, scientific conferences, etc.).

    Detailed instructions for the authors, as well as more information about the Journal’s categorization system, can be found at: Submissions

    The Journal has an online system for submitting papers; to submit your paper, please click here: Register / Login 

    Jahr is indexed in HRCAK (Portal of Scientific Journals of Croatia) since September 2010, in ERIH PLUS (The European Reference Index for the Humanities and Social Sciences) since November 2015, in DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) since September 2016., and in SCOPUS since September 2017.

    For any additional questions, please contact the Editor-in-Chief, Igor Eterović, to


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