Philosophy of the world and philosophy of Karl Löwith as a precursor and incentive to the idea of integrative bioethics


  • Marija Selak


Philosophy of the world, Karl Löwith, integrative bioethics, philosophy of history


Traditional cosmology, once used to explain the world, was suppressed by the domination of

science over philosophy which happened after their separation. Nowadays, scientifi c (in terms

of natural sciences) cosmology is given the advantage in answering the question what is the

world, while the "non-empirical" catholicity (the basic characteristic of traditional cosmology)

became useless. Encouragement of one’s eff ort to re-establish the category of catholicity

can be found in the idea of integrative bioethics on one side and in the philosophy of the

world on the other. In this paper the relation between the idea of integrative bioethics and

the philosophy of the world will be established through philosophical discussions which were

held in Augsburg and in Zagreb (1988, 1990, 1993) and also with reliance on understanding

the world in philosophy of Karl Löwith.