Fritz Jahr’s bioethical concept and its infl uence in Latin America: an approach from aesthetics


  • Natacha Salome Lima University of Buenos Aires
  • Juan Jorge Michel Fariña


Fritz Jahr, creator of the concept of bioethics, would have been happy to go to the cinema

to see the fi lm Avatar. He would have enthusiastically donned the darkened 3D glasses and

enjoyed this movie that he had, in a way, already had a glimpse of over seventy years ago.

Because when in 1927 he published his article "Bio-Ethik: Eine Umschau über die ethischen

Beziehunge des Menschen zu Tier und Pfi anze" ("Bioethics: A Review of the Ethical relationships

of Humans to Animals and Plants") he was ahead of his time and he bequeathed us with

what is rightly called a vision. Th is article is written as an acknowledgement of his work and

dedicated to his memory.

Author Biography

Natacha Salome Lima, University of Buenos Aires

Department of Psychology, Ethics and Human Rights