Sport rules, sport moral values and fair play


  • Željko Kaluđerović University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, Novi Sad


ethics, sport, sport rules, sport moral values, fair play


In this paper the author considers the rules of sports (constitutive and sportsmanship rules),
moral values of sports (justice, honesty, responsibility, benefi cence) and fair play. Constitutive
rules are the rules which determine the essence of the game itself, determine the structure
of a certain sport, standardize the way in which it is played and sanction unallowed sport
activities. Sportsmanship represents unwritten moral rules based on virtues of righteousness
and honesty. Moral values are predominant forms of understanding of the purpose of human
activity and the way in which human moral character is practically manifested. Fair play can
be defi ned as commitment to the spirit and letter of equality of competitors in relation to the
rules, and all towards the common search for excellence. Th e author believes that the rules,
moral values and fair play in sport are required for any game to become actually possible to
play. Nevertheless, occasionally, the necessity of some of the above mentioned preconditions,
for example sportsmanship, is being relativized. Namely, the standing point that a competitor
needs to make a certain eff ort in order to encourage his opponent to play well, and thus raise
the level of enjoyment for both himself and his opponent, does not meet either the general
approval of athletes or of the public. It is generally claimed that it is suffi cient to play by the
rules in order to proclaim the playing as morally correct. Th e author looks at such an attempt
to separate the sport from morality through the prism of modern tendency to separate diff erent
forms of practical activity from their ethical implications.

Author Biography

Željko Kaluđerović, University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, Novi Sad

Željko Kaluđerović was born on 6 May 1964 in Vrbas, Vojvodina, Serbia. At the Department of Field and Vegetable Crops at the Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad Kaluđerović graduated in 1991. The same year he enrolled in philosophy studies at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad where he graduated in 1996 with the thesis "Philosophical Understanding of Plato's Forms of Constitution". At the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad Kaluđerović received his master degree in 2003. The title of this master thesis is "Aristotle's Metaphysics and Presocratics". At the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad Kaluđerović submitted and in 2008 defended his doctorate dissertation under the title "Hellenic Understanding of Justice". Kaluđerović is employed as an Associate Professor at the Department of Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University in Novi Sad, where he was teaching a general course of History of Philosophy for three years (2003-2006), Medieval Philosophy and Modern Philosophy (2009-2010), and since 2009 i.e. 2010 he has been teaching the following subjects: Hellenic Philosophy, Hellenistic-Roman philosophy, Ethics, Journalistic Ethics and Philosophy of Morality. Kaluđerović published the book Aristotle and Presocratics (KriMel, Novi Sad 2004), the book Hellenic Concept of Justice (Izdavačka knjižarnica Zorana Stojanovića, Novi Sad 2010), the book Presocratic Understanding of Justice (Izdavačka knjižarnica Zorana Stojanovića, Novi Sad 2013), and the book Philosophical Triptych (Biblioteka ARHE, Filozofski fakultet, Novi Sad 2014). Kaluđerović has published more than 70 papers and reviews in different science and philosophy journals in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Romania, Hungary, Turkey and Germany. Kaluđerović took part in more than thirty international symposiums and in one international congress (9th World Congress of Bioethics). Kaluđerović participated or is still participating in four scientific projects in Serbia (Problems of Modern Philosophy (1996-2000); Place of Philosophy in the Modern Society (2005); The Tradition of Teaching Philosophy in two Oldest Serbian Grammar Schools (2008-2011); Teaching of Philosophy in Serbian Grammar Schools of Vojvodina in the Interwar Period (2011-2014), and in one scientific project in Croatia (EUROPEAN BIOETHICS IN ACTION (EuroBioAct) (2014-2017). Željko Kaluđerović is a member of the Bioethics Society of Serbia, Croatian Bioethical Society, Centre for Integrative Bioethics (Macedonia), Croatian Philosophical Society, Philosophical Society of Macedonia, a member of the Organization Committee of the Lošinj Days of Bioethics (Croatia), a member of Editorial Board of the Annual of the Department of Social Sciences and Medical Humanities JAHR from University of Rijeka School of Medicine (Croatia), and a member of Editorial Board of the Journal of Philosophy Arhe from Novi Sad.