Can contemporary sport do without its ethics? – a need for systematic education


  • Morana Brkljačić Žagrović
  • Sanja Brkljačić Beg
  • Martina Mavrinac
  • Iva Sorta-Bilajac Turina
  • Ivan Bunjevac
  • Tomislav Čengić


sport, ethic of contemporary sport, education


Th e aim of the survey was to establish the views of athletes (professional 38% and recreational
62%) on the ethics of contemporary sport. For the purpose of the survey, a questionnaire
"Ethics of Sport" has been constructed. Th e survey has been carried out from April to June
2009 in two Croatian cities: Rijeka and Zagreb. Th e signifi cant results obtained through
adequate statistical methods confi rm the recognition of ethical moments in sport in a sense
of what is and what is not moral, and at the same time show the incapability of defi ning and
inability of recognizing ethical dilemmas in sport, nor the way of their quality and systematic
solving. Th is speaks in favor of necessity of systematic education in the ethics of sport (ethics
in sport) and its implementation into the curriculums of the Faculties of Kinesiology in