Sport and violence: a contribution to ethical, sociological and psychoneurobiological considerations


  • Amir Muzur School of Medicine - Department of Social Sciences and Medical Humanities, Faculty of Health Studies - Department of Public Health, University of Rijeka, Croatia
  • Iva Rinčić


sport, violence, aggressivity


Even though some authors feel that (fan) violence in sport cannot be explained, this paper
tries to go beyond the usual approaches which try to identify the cause of fan violence by
looking into social relations, individual frustrations, alcohol abuse, etc. Th e authors of this
paper accept the importance of these motives, but they believe that they are just side-eff ects
and triggers, and that violence is inherent to some sports, especially those that involve two
opposing teams. Th is is particularly true of the sports were athletes exhibit a great deal of
competitiveness or a high level of expectance because these are later resolved by aggression.