The necessity of supervising the health of children engaged in sports activities – ethical aspects


  • Aleksandar Stošić


bioethics, sport, child, medical follow-up


Children, especially those participating in sports competition, sometimes become objects
and/or tools for adults, with excuse that it is necessary for accomplishment of some 'higher'
goals (victory, record, acknowledgement, reputation, trophy, medal...). Very often, with this
activities, children's health is endangered and/or violated. It happens often when the children
are in the period of intensive growth and development, their health is more vulnerable and is
a subject to disease, but in sports competitions, insuffi cient attention is brought to this fact.
Because of that, we recommend medical follow-ups for all children involved in sport (physical
and mental development, personal development, their personalities and individual characteristics
on the one hand and sport characteristics on the other) as an imperative. Health must
be basic, irreplaceable, permanent and unbreakable connection within every athlete, from his/
her first sports step to the (possible) Olympic medal.