Ethical and bioethical implications of contemporary women gymnastics


  • Sonja Antonić


ethics, bioethics, gymnastics, sport hazards, responsibility


Author in this paper refers to ethical and bioethical issues and implications characteristic
within female elite gymnastics. Female gymnastics is not the only sport, whose ethics can
be called into question, but it is specifi c, because the female elite gymnasts are mostly under
aged girls, and they are faced with both, demanding sport and pressure from parents and
coaches. Contemporary athletes are often called modern gladiators. Acute injuries, chronic
diseases and various psychosomatic disorders are challenges that female gymnasts are faced
with regularly. Fundamental question is how did gymnastics, whose main goal was improvement
of human organism condition, became a sport whose hazards exceed its benefi ts, at least
at elite level of this sport. Author presents these hazards, associating them with main ethical
theories and principles, bringing to the question the responsibility of parents and coaches,
and potential lack of ethics within elite gymnastics.