Ethics in the evaluation of problems related to insufficient physical activity of most of the population in relation to sport and the adoption of intellectual knowledge in the field of education


  • Veno Đonlić
  • Viktor Moretti
  • Dragan Kinkela


sports, physical exercise, lack of physical activity, mental activity


Th e biggest problem of modern lifestyle is the lack of physical activity of most people, which
is in an inferior position compared to the problems of sport and the adoption of intellectual
knowledge in the fi eld of education. Sports results imposed primary objectives by the media
as, have led to various anomalies that are associated with use of illicit stimulants, injuries that
result from major physical eff ort, enormous profi ts of individual athletes, violence in and
around sports grounds. However, such irregularities are not present to the extent that they
should provoke as much anxiety as problems concerning the lack of physical activity that is
far more present as researches show, and with far greater consequences for human health, as
explained in this paper. Informing by the media has created an impression that the true values
of sport as well as the true values of recreational sport and physical education are concealed,
which is particularly refl ected in the fi eld of education, where a greater importance is given
to mental activity. Research related to the benefi t of physical exercise indicated the necessity
of paying greater attention to the body. Only by balanced evaluation of the mind and body
we can talk about the complete development, and in that aspect, about the proper way of life
of modern man.