Ethics and Sport in Rehabilitation and Resocialization of Persons with Mental Illness


  • Vesna Šendula-Jengić
  • Tihana Dominić
  • Jelena Hodak
  • Gordan Bošković
  • Dijana Beg


sport, ethics, mental health, rehabilitation, schizophrenia


Context: Physical activity positively aff ects diff erent symptoms of schizophrenia. Our goal
is to establish its eff ect on emotional aspects on reduction of anxiety and depressive feelings
in patients with schizophrenia. Method and subjects: Th e subjects were 38 female patients
with schizophrenia, degree of anxiety and depression were measured before and after sixweek-
period of exercise. Exercise intensity was adjusted to individual age and physical fi tness
(recreational walking, stretching exercises and aerobic). Results: Depressive symptoms were
considerably reduced in patients with established high degree of depression in all three groups
of exercises and in patients with more pronounced anxiety in the stretching group. Conclusion:
Physical activation positively aff ects mood by minimizing characteristics of depression
and contributes to rehabilitation and resocialization of patients with schizophrenia.