Moral Decay in Holy Matrimony Matters


  • Jayapaul Azariah Azariah


The evolutionist considers human as “The Moral Animal”. But in the eyes of religiosity
human being is “The Moral Person.” Both these worldviews recognize additional dimensions
of ‘humanness’ such as sexuality. The paper traces the origin of moral America as well as the
origins of sex, sexuality, nudity and pornography. The paper summarizes seven sex revolutions
and highlights the emergence of the 8th sex revolution – polyamory. Sex revolution of 1960s
paved the way for the onset of the golden year of pornography – 1970. Teaching evolutionary
biology since 1960s, as attested by the renowned evolutionist Ernst Mayr (1988), has resulted
in the erosion of moral education in schools. Human sex and sexuality have been “sexed- up”
and hypersexualized with destigmatized-pornographication without warning the young adult
viewers about the ill effects of such pornographication.
The changing demography of America indicates the decline of Christians and the rise of
‘nones’ who are non-believers. The increase in ‘nones’ is due to Generation Y, the Millennials.
Survey data of the Barna Research Group Ltd USA has shown that there is significant moral
decay. A proposal has been made to launch a TV channel on bioethics, in the name of Rev.
Fritz Jahr, in order to send the Millennials a message of moral education.






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