Practical aspects of bioethics: some European and American views


  • Amir Muzur School of Medicine - Department of Social Sciences and Medical Humanities, Faculty of Health Studies - Department of Public Health, University of Rijeka, Croatia
  • Iva Rinčić


The major (speculative) thesis of this essay is that, while in Europe, the idealist concepts have always co-existed with various concepts of (and trends toward) „practicality,“ in the United States of America, the pragmatist view has by far been prevailing, reflecting also upon the history of bioethics. In the light of this proposal, the (mis)perception of Van Rensselaer Potter's ideas is interpreted, as well as the roots of the current dichotomy between the mainstream bioethics, generated at the Kennedy Institute of Ethics in Georgetown, and the „Europeanised“ direction of bioethics, primarily but not exclusively influenced by the discovery of Fritz Jahr's work and the emergence of the integrative bioethics in South-Eastern Europe in the last fifteen years.






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