Towards a Bioethics of the Political Bios: Happiness, Health and Illness of Political and Social Bodies


  • Hans Martin Sass Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA; Ruhr University, Bochum, Germany


integrated bios, integrated bioethics, political bios, political body, 8 C properties of bios, geographical and cyberspace bios


All bios is integrated and bioethics is the theory and practice of understanding and supporting the complex adaptable and integrating life forms of bios. This paper provides an overview of formative properties for good health and happiness of political bodies and identifies economic, cultural, social and political disorders and diseases, which might lead to weakness or even death and which require fitness and antiaging exercises together with healthy and successful care for the health of natural, cultivated and social geographic and non-geographic biotopes. The eight C - properties of bios - communication and cooperation, competence and competition, contemplation and calculation, compassion and cultivation – in their human-species specific form will be analyzed in as far as they can be applied to political bodies. Risk parameters for the health of the body politic today include biological risk, electric risk, revolt and repression risk, loss of trust risk, territorial mix-up risk, loss of control risk.