• Igor Eterović Department of Social Sciences and Medical Humanities, University of Rijeka - School of Medicine


It is with great satisfaction to present the 16th number of Jahr – European Journal of Bioethics. The amount and quality of papers is preserved at the same level and we are proud that this continuity is internationally recognized: in September 2017 we were included in esteemed international journal database – SCOPUS, and the indexation will include all issues beginning with the first issue of 2017 (the 15th number of Jahr). This is the precious approval of our work and an important stimulus to continue working on the same goals concerning the journal’s quality. 

In the current issue you can read about a specific topic of medical language in medical humanities in the presentation of an extent research concerning the motivation of students learning of Medical English, consciousness and free will as preconditions for moral decision making, some important issues concerning an informed consent in the process of medical research, the specific problems in palliative care concerning children’s perspective, the proposal of making important bridges to the origins of bioethics through the field of public health, and a reminiscence to the Oviedo Convention through the lenses of European bioethics.

Several book reviews as well as one scientific meeting review are also a part of this issue. We also bring the information about The Annual Fritz Jahr International Award for Research and Promotion of European Bioethics including the open call for nominations for the next year. Be welcome to forward this information.

I would like to thank the members of the Editorial Board, peer reviewers and all other associates included in the creation of this issue. I owe special thanks to our Language Editors for the extraordinary help given to me again. 

Enjoy reading Jahr!

Igor Eterović