Socijalni rad u zdravstvu – pogled iz kuta socijalnih radnika zaposlenih u bolnicama


  • Marina Milić Babić Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Pravni fakultet, Studijski centar socijalnog rada
  • Maja Laklija Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Pravni fakultet, Studijski centar socijalnog rada


The social work services in the health care system represent an important segment of the formal support system intended at the beneficiaries of health care services and the family members of patients. The aim of the study was to examine the status of the social work profession within the health care system from the perspective of the social work professionals employed by health care services. Qualitative research study was conducted on the purposive sample which comprised the social work professionals working in hospitals.  Data collection involved semi-structured interviews and thematic analysis. Research results revealed a broad spectrum of roles and professional activities performed by social workers in their daily practice, including informational and administrative activities, counselling, crisis intervention support, performance of urgent nonmedical interventions, individual and group therapy with patients, and cooperation with the local community. In the context of difficulties encountered by social workers in their professional practice, research participants indicated a discriminatory and subordinate position in the organizational hierarchy, as well as generally poor working conditions. In conclusion, social workers offered several recommendations for advancing the status of their profession, including an improved cooperation with colleagues in the health care system and beyond, the promotion of professionalization of the social work practice within the health care system, as well as technical and organizational advances.

Keywords: health care system, social workers, recommendations.