Prohibited Production and Selling GMOs in North Macedonia


  • Dejan Donev Dejan Donev, Institut za filozofiju, Filozofski fakultet, Sveučilište „Sveti Kiril i Metodij" u Skoplju


Today, man is confronted with changes that are unique in their meaning and consequences - the production and selling of GMOs. While worldwide controversy persists and is spread by euphoria, scientific triumphalism, and mythology, at the national level, countries have different views regarding the strategies that are needed to be taken, because the stakes are too high. The fundamental attitude is to change our understanding of life! Therefore, avoiding such issues is not desirable, nor is their over-simplification, as this could open a Pandora’s box, especially in small countries such as North Macedonia. The article discusses how much the residents of North Macedonia consider themselves to be a nation that demonstrates an interest in public opinion and sensitivity to environmental problems and the direction in which society moves. Furthermore, it questions the current state of mind about the essential dilemmas posed by the planned spread of GMOs in the environment, but also by importing GMO-containing products, starting with the intentions and plans of the institutions on the issues of GMOs production and marketing, all the way to legislative solutions. Namely, even in 2013, Macedonia banned the production and marketing of GMO foods under the condition “... until it becomes an EU member”, but the question of the effectiveness of the implementation of this ban is becoming increasingly public.

Keywords: GMO, North Macedonia, legislation.


2019-12-20 — Updated on 2021-06-04