Bioethics in Ukraine: from medical to integrative bioethics


  • Anna Gubenko


integrative bioethics, educator-bioecist, intellectual bioethical activity, pedagogical bioethics as integrative science.


Chronology of the progress and formation of bioethics in Ukraine has been analyzed in
this article. Sorted out three general phase of bioethics formation as: non-governmental
organization, academic discipline and integrative science. The author characterized the vector
from medicine to integrative bioethics through the education, social and pedagogical practice.
In connection with this vector was introduced “pedagogical bioethics” term and argued the
necessity of the new specialty – educator-bioecist. Author created the structure and method
of the educational process, for the purpose of teaching this specialist. It will help to ensure
the success of qualitative leap into reformatting of the education and making the civil society
in Ukraine.