The Role of Bioethics in Environmental Engineering Education


  • Jelena Loborec
  • Saša Zavrtnik
  • Damir Žubčić


This paper offers a reflection on the need to introduce a course that would deal with bioethical concepts in higher education, based on the example of the Environmental Engineering study programme at the Faculty of Geotechnical Engineering, University of Zagreb. This study programme is in the field of fundamental technical sciences, where moral and ethical principles are often only generally implied as technical ethics. Although profit plays a huge role here, the profession needs to be viewed in a broader context. Currently, there are some courses which, in a certain measure, touch the integrative bioethical subjects, but that is not enough. Nowadays, it is obvious that bioethics could and should take place in the education of future environmental engineers since they will direct their profession towards different aspects. By doing so, they must be aware that their actions influence the quality and health of human life, as well as the wellbeing of other living creatures.

Keywords: ethics, bioethics, education, environmental engineering.