Urban Bioethics – The Architect of a Healthy City


  • Hanna Hubenko Sumy State University



Urban bioethics pays attention to the design of healthy relationships through the involvement of citizens. The main characteristics of urban bioethics: inclusion, integrity, transdisciplinarity. Involvement is a relentless engaging scriptwriter that is deployed by urban bioethics to explore the everyday application of its principles. Integrity discloses integrative mechanisms for bringing communities together in order to create a development strategy for the city and society in general. Transdisciplinarity explains the mechanism of transcendental space, bringing together a variety of languages, professions, cultures, and etcetera.

In this article, we go into examples of bioethical practices that promote the development and implementation of intercultural strategies on an Integrated Bioethics Platform, which can be found in the city both - online and offline. We also make suggestions on the leading types of behavior that are indoctrinated by this platform: networking; involvement through art; awareness of public space and one's place/one's self; educational practices.

Key words: urban bioethics, InplatBio - Integrative bioethics platform, inclusion, integration and transdisciplinarity.