Awarding of Decorations: The Order of the Croatian Morning Star with the Image of Ruđer Bošković to Professor Ante Čović


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At a ceremony on 4 February 2020, the President of the Republic of Croatia, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, presented decorations and awards to individuals, associations, and institutions whose work has contributed to the preservation of Croatian culture and identity, and the development and reputation of the Republic of Croatia. Decorations and recognitions were awarded for contributions in almost all areas of public and social life.
In her introductory speech, the President pointed out, among other things, scientists “whose actions promote the reputation of our homeland and create valuable international cooperation by which Croatian science proves its scientific excellence and abilities” and especially referred to “those who introduce young people to the world of science through educational institutions and encourage their interests to further develop their knowledge and talents”. These words undoubtedly also referred to the then present Professor Ante Čović, Ph.D., who was awarded the Order of the Croatian Morning Star with the Image of Ruđer Bošković “for special merits for science in the field of philosophy and bioethics and their promotion in the Republic of Croatia and the world” (Official Gazette, 16/2020).
Since Professor Ante Čović has been one of the most deserving persons for the development and promotion of bioethics in Croatia and Southeast Europe, including his contribution to establishing the concepts of integrative bioethics and European bioethics, on which the Jahr - European Journal of Bioethics is based, we considered it necessary, for the purpose of documenting important facts and self-awareness of bioethics in Croatia and in general, to publish the full text of the incentive for awarding of the abovementioned decoration to Professor Ante Čović, which was submitted by the Croatian Bioethical Society in the summer of 2019.

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