A healthy relationship between man and animals – the importance of education of positive interaction


  • Saša Zavrtnik Geotehnički fakultet
  • Damir Žubčić
  • Jelena Loborec



The interrelationship between man and animals has been present since the dawn of civilisations. It was deeper and broader before than it is now. For this relationship to be healthy, empathy must be the foundation for it. In the society of Eskimos, North American Indians, and old Hebrews, we can find an example of this. They had everyday life interconnected with a fellow man, the living world and animals. From that relationship they could learn, they respected it, transmitted it to the next generations. As our forefathers beautifully said, animals were a treasure for them. Today, we need an optimal relationship for both sides to be satisfied in a biological sense as well as in bioethical one when we see life as a whole in which we all are interconnected. If in this weaving of life, we touch or tear one thread, the shudders and even holes will spread through life as we know it. That is why reconsideration and education in this sense are more than needed.

Keywords: interrelationship between man and animals, empathy, bioethics, life, children, education.