Application of National Guidelines for Pre-hospital and Hospital Emergency Medical Services for Patients Who Require Palliative Care


  • Sanja Predavec Croatian Institute of Emergency Medicine
  • Saša Balija Hrvatski zavod za hitnu medicinu, Planinska 13, Zagreb, Hrvatska
  • Maja Grba-Bujević



The palliative patient is cared for by many professionals, including the emergency medical  team. The goal and purpose of palliative care are to maintain and improve the quality of  life of palliative patients through symptom control, as well as psychological, spiritual, and social support. The national guidelines for pre-hospital and hospital emergency medical services for patients requiring palliative care provide general information about palliative care, descriptions of emergencies with specific clinical assessments in patient care, the importance and way of communicating with a patient and their family, including counseling a terminal  patient’s family, deciding on the appropriateness of medical procedures, and communicating bad news.
Keywords: palliative care, emergency medical service, national guidelines.





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