Social Structural Prospects for the AI Era

Focusing on social structural problems



In this paper, I will detail the phenomenal problems involved in the AI era. Issues such as information bubble, post-truth, and digital prison will point to the problems that arise in an environment based on AI technology. This article will also show that, after Covid-19, the AI-based environment has changed not only as a technology as a tool for humans, but also as a condition for survival. From this, we diagnose the problems of control, monitoring, and subjection brought about by the development of AI technology and the changes to the living environment caused by the Covid-19 outbreak. Synthesizing these problematic situations, I argue that the AI-based environment is not designed to cause social change as a result of natural changes or technological progress, but as a kind of discipline mechanism. I believe that it is necessary to consider how this will affect the changes and development of human society, and that it is necessary to predict this through social structural changes. Through this process, I will discuss this concept by analogically applying them to the problems of the AI era. I would like to ask a fundamental question about whether the AI era will be able to achieve real progress for humans and human society. Moreover, through this comprehensive investigation, this article draws the conclusion that AI as a discipline device will play a critical role in producing new power.
Keywords: AI, covid 19, information bubble, digital prison, subjection, power.





Artificial inteligence Humanities (AIH special section)